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0.110Title Page
1.110Quick Start for Scorecard Readers
1.130Scorecard Roles
2.110Requirements for Scorecard Owners
2.120Requirements for Scorecard Readers
2.130The Scorecard File List
2.210Installing the Excel Spreadsheet
2.310Installing the Scorecard Database
2.410Windows Setup for Owners
2.510The Region Information Document
3.110Updating the Spreadsheet
3.210Creating a Notes Scorecard
3.211Using the Tools Run Method
3.212Using the Compose Method
3.310Composing an Attachment
3.410The Monthly Spreadsheet Checklist
3.420The Monthly Notes Checklist
4.110Scorecard Views
4.120The View Hierarchy
4.210Printing the Scorecard and Graphs
5.110Correcting Spreadsheet Entries
5.220Correcting Notes Documents
5.221Total Replacement Method
5.222Selective Replacement Method
6.110Mailing a Scorecard with Comments
7.110Access Control Lists
7.210Database file size estimates
8.110The Spreadsheet Layout
8.210Notes Database Design

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