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Customer Service...
Customer Service is the Foundation of All Business
<The service relationship is about giving rather than collecting, making friends rather than sales, building relationships rather than products. All the rest follows from this.
<Changing a business practice must not only make it more efficient, but increase the level of customer satisfaction. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.
<We approach all change within a company with an eye on customer service, always asking the question, "Will this change ultimately improve our service to the customer?"
Key Quotes
“When two marketers are competing for the same customer’s business, all other things being equal, the marketer with the greatest scope of information about that particular customer -- the marketer with the most extensive and intimate relationship with that customer -- will be the more efficient competitor.”
-- Peppers & Rogers
Marketing Authors
“The goal of customer service is to get a positive customer response, the ‘thank-you for helping me get what I need to be successful, to reach my goals.’ ”
What We Do
<Customer satisfaction surveys
A periodic checkup on customer opinions is an important measure of service success, and helps pinpoint areas to improve. Having comparable data from period to period is essential in demonstrating real change. (See our Survey Services Demo)
<Customer service seminars
Providing good service is not always second nature for people. Learning how to effectively solve problems in a way that is perceived as excellent service is paramount.
(See our Customer Service Seminar.)
<Help desk training
The customer or internal help desk is the area of the company where good service must be exemplary. It is also the group that is under the most pressure to resolve problems on a continuous basis. Strategies for dealing with this "pressure cooker" environment are important to effective service.
<The Internal Customer Satisfaction Index (ICSI)
Measuring customer satisfaction can also be applied to departments who largely have internal customers. For example, the IS, HR, Accounting, and Payroll departments could all benefit receiving regular, comparable feedback. We believe in achieving continuous service improvement for these "inwardly" focused departments.
For additional details on the types on projects we undertake, see our project - capabilities matrix.

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