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#DateSorted ascendingTitleCan be sorted ascendingSpecReq?Can be sorted ascending
1203/05/1992A Service PhilosophyNo
1303/14/1992Downsizing EthicsYes
1003/14/1992Promotion GuidelinesNo
1803/15/1992MIS GoalsNo
1603/18/1992Customer Service MeasuresYes
103/18/1992Service, Growth and WinningNo
203/21/1992A Program for Positive ChangeNo
2303/24/1992Don't Throw Iron At ItNo
1103/27/1992Internal Customer ServiceNo
303/31/1992Corporate Values ClarificationNo
2404/01/1992Budget Tips 1Yes
2604/01/1992Budget Tips 3Yes
2504/07/1992Budget Tips 2Yes
504/10/1992Critical Success FactorsYes
Attachment Icon804/17/1992Setting ObjectivesYes
5402/09/1994Holding the Effective MeetingNo
5502/18/1994Meeting ProverbsNo
5605/25/1994Automation StagesYes
4906/01/1994Disaster Recovery LessonsNo
5707/08/1994Disaster Recovery ExampleNo
4307/10/1994Measurement: Keeping ScoreNo
Attachment Icon6007/18/1994Small PackagesNo
2107/20/1994Layoff Crisis ResolutionNo
6108/01/1994Service Values ClarificationNo
Attachment Icon5909/20/1994Phone Support ProverbsNo
411/13/1994Mission StatementsNo
6312/01/1994An NLP BibliographyNo
6212/01/1994A Measurement BibliographyNo

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