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Changing the company or the department need not be a radical or daunting task. If you believe that people want to do well and succeed, the germ of the new growth is already present. What's needed to draw out the best people have to offer are three things. First, clarify what's good and right in the organization. Second, focus on the goals and objectives. Third, track and celebrate the results.

Our program for positive change can be summarized by six key questions, and some exercises custom designed to provide the group's answers:

1. What do we believe in? What guides our decisions and judgments? (our Values)

2. What do we want to become? (our Mission)

3. What do we need to improve to become this? (our Improvement Goals)

4. What are the key factors that will demonstrate improvement? (our Critical Success Factors)

5. How will we keep score? (our Objectives and Measurements)

6. How will we celebrate the wins? (our Rewards)

The process of answering these six questions can itself be an energizing force for the group. Implementing the results will drive change and improvement, often dramatically. The analogy to a game is a good one. Once the rules are explained and the objective of the game known, the competitive juices start to flow and the players press on for the win. It's no different for a team.
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