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A time honored management maxim is that what gets measured gets done. The same can be said about incentives or rewards. While what gets measured gets done, what gets rewarded gets done again, and done with gusto! People act to achieve rewards and to avoid punishments, but performance that is reward-based is always stronger, more creative, more durable, and certainly more positive. A performance measurement program needs rewards to enhance motivation in the same way winning drives a football or tennis game: the cheering crowds, the highly publicized rankings, the Super Bowl ring. Rewards need not be expensive -- their power lies in the recognition. Consider the following:

Characteristics of successful rewards:

1. Known in advance -- both the reward and the criteria to get the award
2. Tied to performance results
3. Celebratory, with fun and fanfare
4. Public
5. Meaningful
6. Timely
7. Sincere
8. Includes the thank-you
9. Worth working for
10. A stretch to achieve, but winnable
11. Both group and individual oriented

Here is a list of 21 possible events or activities for use when celebrating wins:

1. The pizza and beer party.
2. The golden statuette.
3. The classic plaque or trophy.
4. Take the individual or department to lunch.
5. Give the individual and their spouse a night on the town.
6. Recognize the individual or department at a company wide event or meeting (with significant fanfare).
7. The bonus. (The bonus should be tied to both group (dept. or co.) performance and individual performance.)
8. The awards dinner.
9. The catered lunch.
10. The Academy Awards ceremony. Best supporting team working in a leading role ....
11. The MVP award.
12. The Most Improved award.
13. The Rookie of the Year award.
14. The reserved parking spot for a period of time.
15. Use of the executive chair.
16. The corner office for a day award.
17. The departmental trip.
18. The league awards: Division champs, the pennant, world series.
19. The Top Gun award.
20. The American Express gift certificate.
21. And finally, simple cash. (But remember: without the recognition and sense of achievement, money is just pocket change.)
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