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Buckingham, MarcusHow HR Can Be "Actively Harmful" (Why people leave organizations)
Carlzon, JanMoments of Truth (Empowerment analogy)
Carlzon, JanMoments of Truth (Need for Measurement)
Fritz, JerryValue of a Strong Customer Service Culture ()
Happ, EdWhat's Strategy? (Brochure quote)
Happ, EdInformed Decisions (HPMD Brochure)
Happ, EdGoal of Customer Service (Brochure Quote: CS)
Happ, EdLeadership and the Organizational Puzzle (Brochure quote)
Happ, EdThe Key to Product Management Success (Brochure quote)
Malone, TomVital Signs (quoted within) (Brochure quote: measurement)
Mintzberg, HenryThe Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning (Brochure quote)
Mintzberg, HenryThe Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning (Ready. Fire. Aim)
Peppers, Don & Martha RogersThe One-to-One Future: Building relationships One Customer at a Time (Brochure quote)
Quinn, BrianQuote from "Strategic Planning R.I.P." (Brochure quote)
Schrage, MichaelThe Culture(s) of Prototyping (Brochure quote)
Tichy, Noel & Stratford ShermanControl Your Destiny or Someone Else Will (Brochure quote: Measurement)
Watson, Hugh, etal.Executive Information Systems (EIS Speed Targets)
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