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We liked Mulvany's ideas, so we asked him to help us set up a measurement system that made sense.
He started by giving us a choice of things we could measure.

I. Quantity

A Dollar amount of sales
B Number of units completed
C Orders shipped
D Calls completed

II. Quality

A Number of items completed correctly
B Percent of retained customers
C Ratio of positive to negative letters
D Service feedback scores (customer satisfaction index)
E Employee retention/turnover

III. Cost

A Total cost per unit sold
B Labor cost
C Budget vs. actual
D Accounts receivable
E Costs per square foot

IV. Timeliness

A Average turnaround time to process orders
B Percentage of on-time delivery
C Percent of items completed within 48 hours

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Things to Measure
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Author:Sewell, Carl
Title:Customers for Life
Publisher:Doubleday Currency
Place (City):New York
Publication Date:1990
Source Type:Book
Quote Number:301
Categories:Customer Service, Measurement