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Carlzon, JanMoments of Truth (15 Second Moments of Truth)
Carlzon, JanMoments of Truth (Need for Measurement)
Fritz, JerryValue of a Strong Customer Service Culture ()
Griesing, DavidQuality: How to Make It Pay (Quality at the expense of service?)
Happ, EdGoal of Customer Service (Brochure Quote: CS)
Happ, EdTour Guide, Senator and Cheer leader (Case Study: The Role of the Service Rep)
Happ, EdYour Car Will be Ready at Noon (Case Study: The Car Repair Story)
Happ, EdHouse calls for kids shoes (Case Study: Nordstrom kid's shoes)
Happ, EdMore Impersonal than an ATM (Case Study: The Local A&P)
Happ, EdThe Team and The Fans (Case Study: The Stadium Analogy)
Happ, EdCustomer Service Exercises (CS Seminar Exercises)
Happ, EdThe Dry Cleaner with the Rich Memory (Case Study: New Canaan Cleaners)
Happ, EdThe Case of the Cajun Popcorn (Case Study: on service flexibility)
Happ, SteveThe Missing Hilton Hotel Coupon (Case Study: No Problem!)
Hawken, PaulGrowing a Business (Bureaucracy, Rules and Regulations)
Hawken, PaulGrowing a Business (Responsiveness in...)
Hawken, PaulGrowing a Business (You are the Company)
Kelley, MikeConnecticut School District #14, School Bond Issue (Case Study 1: School District Bond Issue)
Kelley, MikeThe Case of the Runaway Treadmill (Case Study: Joe Rella's Story)
Kelley, MikeThe Conference, and Lesson Plans (Case Studies Exercises)
Peppers, Don & Martha RogersThe One-to-One Future: Building relationships One Customer at a Time (Brochure quote)
Peters, TomThriving on Chaos (Case Study: Where Superlative Service is the Norm)
Peters, TomThriving on Chaos (Perception is Everything)

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