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The following is a checklist for rating internal customer satisfaction with the IS Department. The survey should be completed anonymously. Answer the questions as honestly as possible, using a the following 7 point scale. In order to complete the survey, you must provide an answer to all except the final four questions. If you don't have an opinion on a particular statement, enter a 4.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Strongly Slightly Neutral or Slightly Strongly
Disagree Disagree Disagree Unknown Agree Agree Agree

Date: ________________

Department: ________________

A. Strategy

_____ 1. The IS Department has a clear strategy.
_____ 2. The IS Department strategy supports the corporate business plan.
_____ 3. The IS Department has published its strategic plan.
_____ 4. The IS Department has communicated its strategic plan well.
_____ 5. The IS Department regularly measures its progress against its strategic plan.

B. People

_____ 6. The people in the IS groups are very professional.
_____ 7. The people I've dealt with in IS have been very helpful.
_____ 8. I am confident in the IS Department managers.
_____ 9. The IS professionals are competent.
_____ 10. The IS people know our industry well.

C. Quality

_____ 11. System availability meets my expectations.
_____ 12. The IS Group 'gets it right' the first time.
_____ 13. The IS Department meets its deadlines
_____ 14. IS applications have all the features I need to get my job done.
_____ 15. IS applications that I use are trouble-free.

D. Security

_____ 16. IS programs are well protected against data loss.
_____ 17. I feel comfortable that the privacy of my data is protected.
_____ 18. The data center is a secure facility.
_____ 19. There have been no instances of computer viruses with the software I use.
_____ 20. I have not experienced any loss of data on the computer system I use.

E. Service

_____ 21. The IS Department is service oriented.
_____ 22. The IS Group fixes problems fast.
_____ 23. The staff of the IS department follows-up well.
_____ 24. When I have a technical problem I can quickly reach an IS professional.
_____ 25. The IS people handle my phone calls courteously and professionally.

The following questions are optional. Your answers may be as long or short as you like.

26. What needs to change in the IS Department?

27. What should stay the same is the IS Department?

28. If you were in charge of IS, what would you do first?

29. Other Comments?

Thank you for your time and feedback.
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