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Date: 05/01/2019
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The following is a checklist for rating customer satisfaction with OurCo. Answer the questions as honestly as possible, using a the following 7 point scale. In order to complete the survey, you must provide an answer to all except the final four questions. If you don't have an opinion on a particular statement or have insufficient experience with our company to answer, enter a 4.

1. Communications
4-Neutral or Unknown1.OurCo listens well to my problems and issues.
4-Neutral or Unknown2.OurCo presentations are well done.
4-Neutral or Unknown3.OurCo written reports are clear and of high quality.
4-Neutral or Unknown4.OurCo invoices are accurate and easy to read.
4-Neutral or Unknown5.OurCo consultants are readily accessible and approachable.

2. People/Competency
4-Neutral or Unknown6.The people at OurCo are very professional.
4-Neutral or Unknown7.The people I've dealt with at OurCo have been very helpful.
4-Neutral or Unknown8.The OurCo professionals are competent to solve my issues.
4-Neutral or Unknown9.The OurCo people know our industry well.

3. Quality
4-Neutral or Unknown10.The quality of OurCo work is equal to or better than the large consulting firms.
4-Neutral or Unknown11.OurCo 'gets it right' the first time.
4-Neutral or Unknown12.OurCo meets its deadlines.
4-Neutral or Unknown13.OurCo reports and bulletins are of the quality to be circulated to senior managers.
4-Neutral or Unknown14.OurCo time and cost estimates are accurate.

4. Training/Advisory
4-Neutral or Unknown15.OurCo training classes are very effective.
4-Neutral or Unknown16.OurCo advice is very useful.
4-Neutral or Unknown17.OurCo gives frank and candid advice.

5. Security/Confidentiality
4-Neutral or Unknown18.OurCo maintains confidentiality when discussing their experiences.
4-Neutral or Unknown19.I feel comfortable that the privacy of my information is protected by OurCo.

6. Value
4-Neutral or Unknown20.OurCo delivers quality consulting for a reasonable price.
4-Neutral or Unknown21.OurCo services are competitive with other management consulting firms.

7. Responsiveness
4-Neutral or Unknown22.OurCo fixes any problems that arise with their work fast.
4-Neutral or Unknown23.The staff of OurCo follows-up well.
4-Neutral or Unknown24.When I have a problem I can quickly reach an OurCo professional.
4-Neutral or Unknown25.The OurCo people handle my phone calls courteously and professionally.

8. Overall Service
4-Neutral or Unknown26.OurCo is an easy company to do business with.
4-Neutral or Unknown27.OurCo is a service-oriented company.
4-Neutral or Unknown28.OurCo is a quality consulting firm
4-Neutral or Unknown29.I would recommend OurCo to my business associates
4-Neutral or Unknown30.Given the need and the means, I would hire OurCo for another consulting assignment.
4-Neutral or Unknown31.Overall, I am satisfied with the consulting service I have received from OurCo.

The following questions are optional. Your answers may be as long or short as you like.
32. What things about our service need to change or improve?

33. What should stay the same at OurCo?

34. If you were in charge of running OurCo, what would be your top priorities?

35. Other Comments?

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